10 Popular Thai Desserts You'll Never Forget

10 Popular Thai Desserts You’ll Never Forget

What comes to your mind when you hear the words Thai Desserts? Refreshing? Indulging? Sweet? Well, the answer is, all of the above. But most of the Thai Desserts are sweet, so for sweet lovers, here are some treats that you can have at any Thai restaurant you can visit in your place

Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of the wide variety of yummy Thai Desserts and you will surely have the happiest time of your life!

Thai Popsicle

Thai popsicle is one of the two popular ice creams in Thailand. It is the best way to cool yourself down in hot weather. Colorful Thai popsicles are uniquely made from different fruits such as corn, jackfruit, durian, and even tarot roots and other ingredients like coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, and sugar

Khao Niao Toorien or Durian Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is a common ingredient to a lot of Thai Desserts and the preparation of the sticky rice is no joke. It’s laborious and needs to exert a lot of effort so that’s why it’s indulging to eat Thai Desserts containing sticky rice. Khao Niao Toorien is one of the top desserts that are sticky rice-based. The ingredients to create a tasty Durian Sticky Rice are ripe durian of course (also known as the “King of Fruits”), cooked sweet sticky rice, coconut sugar, and coconut milk.

Khanom Sot Sai or Filled Coconut Cream

A dessert that comprises coconut, coconut cream, palm sugar, steamed rice flour, and coverer with banana leaves is called Khanom Sot Sai or also called Khanom Sai Sai. According to history, people served Khanom Sai sai at Thai wedding ceremonies in ancient times

Khanom Buang/Bueang or Thai Crispy Pancakes

Do you love pancakes? If so, you might want to try Thai Crispy Pancakes with a twist ( I said with a twist because it’s crispy unlike the normal fluffy pancake

Thai Crepes is the translation of Khanom Buang in English. It’s an ancient Thai snack from the Ayutthaya period. The dish looks like tacos and is filled with sweet and salty fillings like shredded coconuts, strips of fried eggs, and sliced scallions.

Thai Desserts: Thai Roti

Amongst the well-known Thai Desserts or snacks is Thai Roti which has a lot of filling options (nowadays) like chocolate sauce, bananas, apples, and Nutella contrary to the few fancy fillings a few years back

Bua Loy Nam King or Black Sesame Dumplings in Ginger Soup

Help yourself and dig into this energizing Thai Dessert to make your meal satisfying. Consisting of small rice flour dumplings with black sesame butter inside, dipped in ginger soup, Bua Loy Nam King will make you request another bowl after your first serving. 

I-tim Pad or Stir-Fried Ice Cream: Thai Desserts

If you want a refreshment that is not too sweet, try I-tim Pad or stir-fried ice cream (also known as rolled ice cream). What’s more exciting about this dessert (aside from watching it being fried) is you can choose to add toppings to it

Sankaya Fak Thong or Thai Pumpkin and Custard Dessert

Enjoy this not too sweet treat that composes duck and hen eggs, brown/palm sugar, an extract of pandan leaves, cornstarch, coconut milk, salt, and pumpkin. Since pumpkin is a good source of Vitamin A, eating this dessert improves your eyesight

Sankaya Fak Thong is one of the most loved Thai Desserts and if you love making desserts for yourself, you can try making this at home especially if you have plenty of pumpkins

Thong Muan Sot or Thai Sweet Rolled Sesame Pancakes

Finish your meal with excitement and order Thong Muan Sot or Thai fresh rolled wafer. With its three combined flavors (salty and a little fragrance from coconut milk, sweet from coconut sugar, soft texture from coconut meat), and the crunchiness of the roasted black sesame, you will surely ask for more after devouring everything

Thong Yot or Round Egg Yolk Drop

Your palate will surely dance in joy upon looking at this golden Thai dessert. It is one of the ancient Thai Desserts and is included in the nine auspicious traditional Thai Desserts. It is usually served on special and important occasions like weddings and also a representation of wealth, like giving gold to another person

Most of the Thai Desserts have coconut in it which makes the Thai Desserts creamier and yummier so everyone will have a blast while savoring every bite of their servings.

If you are on a diet and avoiding sweets, invite your friends or your gym buddies and try these delicious treats on your cheat days

Thanks a lot for reading 10 Popular Thai Desserts You’ll Never Forget. Have a good time! 

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