Soup Thai Food

Holidays are the perfect season for festive and filling meals. However, since it’s also winter, having a warm soup to complement the savory dishes on the table would make the eating experience heavenly for everyone! And in case you’re still thinking about which soup exactly to prepare, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll give you a list of 10 soup Thai food recipes that will make your holiday meals incredibly satisfying.

Tom Kha

Let’s start our list with the popular soup Thai food, Tom Kha. Also known as coconut soup, Tom Kha is perfect for those who want a creamy, yet tangy dish that can warm both their hearts and stomachs. 

This soup Thai food is cooked by simply boiling meat with lemongrass, lime leaves, ginger, and lime juice. Once the meat is cooked and tender enough, you can mix in the coconut milk and other ingredients such as mushroom, green onions, and galangal. For this dish, you can use any type of meat according to your preference. In fact, some, especially vegetarians even use steamed or fried tofu.

Shrimp Wonton Soup

If you want a soothing, tasty soup Thai food on your holiday table, the shrimp wonton soup is one of your best options! 

For the wonton, you can use ground pork or shrimp, or a combination of both mixed with green onions and coriander. As for the broth, you can use pork or chicken stock, and cook it with salt, sugar, soy sauce, pepper, and fish sauce. 

This warm, clear soup with filling wontons is best served with fried garlic toppings and white pepper. You can also enjoy it with a bowl of steamed jasmine rice!

Tom Yum Gao Lao

Tom Yum Gao Lao prides itself on its rich, diverse flavors coming from its perfect mixture of lemongrass, lime juice, tomato, galangal, mushroom, and bean sprouts. The dish is best served with Chinese broccoli and sprinkles of cilantro or coriander. 

Because of its spicy, yet soothing effect, this soup is perfect for those who want to add some excitement to their meal!

Egg Drop Soup

Another filling, yet quick and easy recipe on our list is that of the egg drop soup.

To prepare this soup Thai food, you just have to mix curry paste and chili in a pan, then add the broth once you can smell the mixture’s mesmerizing fragrance. You can also prepare the broth beforehand by mixing coconut milk and soy sauce. 

Once the soup has boiled, you can reduce the heat and slowly add in the eggs. To make the consistency perfect to your liking, you can continue stirring as the eggs cook in the pot. 

To make the soup more filling and flavorful, you can add pieces of soft tofu and sprinkle it with some green onions and cilantro.

Tom Sab Nue

This soup Thai food, Tom Sab Nue is the perfect fusion of spicy and tangy elements. The broth is made by mixing its diverse set of ingredients including fish sauce, lime juice, red and green onions, galangal, basil leaves, and Kaffir lime leaves. 

Most Thais enjoy this best with beef brisket, tendon, tripe, and mushrooms. Thus, apart from soothing your throats and taste buds with its broth, Tom Sab Nue can fill your stomach with its abundant meat.

Boat Gao Lao

The popular Boat Gao Lao is a soup Thai food that’s best suited for those who fancy hearty dishes paired with steamed rice.

Its broth is rich and filled with flavors of fish sauce, pickled vegetables, chilis, pepper, and many more. It is also best served with bean sprouts, cilantro, and fried garlic toppings. As for the meat, you can use any type you prefer whether it’s pork, beef, or meatballs. 

Similar to other soup Thai food in this list, Boat Gao Lao is perfect for those who want a comforting and filling meal!

Kao Tom Goong (Thai Rice Soup)

This soup Thai food can be considered as the country’s own version of porridge. It is prepared by cooking jasmine rice with chicken or pork stock, cilantro, fish sauce, fresh ginger, and white pepper. For the best experience, you may choose your meat from chicken, beef, or pork and serve the soup with fried garlic toppings. 

This dish is best for the cold, freezing days when you just want to stay wrapped in your sheets!

Yen Ta Fo Gao Lao

Yen Ta Fo Gao Lao is another popular soup Thai food known for its red sauce with the perfect blend of spice and sweetness.

The red sauce is prepared by simply mixing red bean curd with vinegar, crushed garlic, sriracha, fish sauce, and sugar, then letting the mixture simmer. The broth, on the other hand, is cooked by boiling a mixture of pork stock, salt, sugar, and white pepper. 

For a filling meal, this soup Thai food can be eaten with hot, steamed rice and served with fried garlic toppings.

Tom Yum

And of course, our list of soup Thai food recipes wouldn’t be complete without the legendary, Tom Yum soup. Similar to Tom Yum Gao Lao, this soup has an abundant blend of flavors coming from galangal, tomato, mushrooms, yellow onions, culantro, and lime juice. And because it also has lemongrass, this dish will surely make you drool once you get a hint of its fragrance. 

Now, what makes Tom Yum different from Tom Yum Gao Lao is that it’s prepared and served with meat or soft tofu. Hence, apart from being a soothing appetizer, you can also have it as a filling, stand-alone meal. 

Creamy Tom Yum

Another version of Tom Yum that will wow your taste buds is the creamy Tom Yum soup. This soup Thai food is basically Tom Yum with evaporated milk. Thus, if you like Tom Kha or you simply want to try this unique blend of tangy and creamy elements, this is a dish you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Ready for a heavenly, satisfying meal?

We get it. Because of the cold temperature, it’s quite tempting to just stay in our beds, wrapped in our comfy blankets. However, if you want a more comforting, heavenly experience, why not get yourself a bowl of soup Thai food? Just take your pick and we’ll make sure you’ll have the experience to remember! 

Thanks for reading 10 Soup Thai Food Recipes for a Heavenly Holiday Meal! Reward yourself with an experience of these dishes by ordering from us or giving our store a visit!


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