Traditional Thai courses in Thailand are probably long, but I think you should visit the Land of Smiles and have first-hand experience at least once. This article will list some of the Spicy Thai Food that you can find easily anywhere in Thailand. The different dishes are incredibly flavorful and worth trying, and they are local favorites. These are the most popular Spicy Thai dishes you can find in Bangkok and restaurants in the other parts of the country.

Unique and rich culture, nightlife, and beauty in nature are some of this country’s well-known characteristics from tourists who desire to spend their leisure time with family and friends.

Furthermore, this place’s most distinct feature is the different Spicy Thai dishes you can find around the country. Thailand is famous for its tasty food because of the various spices and herb used when preparing every dish they serve, whether at a restaurant, on the street, or merely preparing food for a house guest.

Sadly, a few foreigners think that everything is spicy and burning, making them afraid to try these delicious servings, especially for those who can’t eat Spicy Thai dishes.

Here are a few tips you need to know when visiting this wonderful country and crave for Spicy Thai Food.

Chili Variations

There are different kinds of chili peppers that Thais use when making Spicy Thai dishes. So if you are the person who can’t stand too hot food, better know what type of chilis are used for your order. Bigger chilies aren’t as hot as the smaller ones. The authentic small chilies are called Bird’s Eye, which is spicier than the bigger ones.

Prik Chee Fah is the term for long chilis. They are only for decorations on your platter. If you see them on your plate, there’s no need to be frightened because they will not do any harm to your tastebuds. Unless the chef pounds them and mixes in your dish, then that’s the time you should worry because pounded chilis are spicy.

On the other hand, if you love spices and can handle the heat, rest assured that there are many varieties of Spicy Thai Food that you can select from the menu and make your tastebuds feast while devouring each serving.

Spicy Thai Food: Rice Consumption

Thais like to have rice in almost all of their dishes. Rice plays an essential role when eating Thai cuisine, particularly Spicy Thai Food. Because rice contains starch in it, it would help absorb the oil and spiciness of your food. 

Plain rice is usually served in a separate bowl if not used to top other dishes like the stir-fried platters. The locals love to put everything in one scoop before savoring their food (mix the rice with a small amount of meat, vegetables, and other dishes). It is the best way to enjoy the flavor of each bite.

Water Intake

It is a practice that if we eat super spicy food, we should drink a lot of water to lessen the heat in our mouth. But the truth is, it will only worsen the situation because the chili has oil in it, and we know that water can’t dilute the oil. It will just help the oil spread all over your mouth, therefore making your tastebuds burn more.

The best way to minimize the spicy taste when eating Spicy Thai Food is to drink something sweet or eat sweet desserts. The sugar in the dessert or sweet beverage will neutralize the hotness you’re experiencing inside your mouth. 

Spicy Thai Food Worth Tasting

Among the best things tourists love about Thai dishes (aside from the aromatic scent) is the variety of the course and the fantastic taste. The following are a few must-try Spicy Thai Food.

Kuay Tiew Mu Tom Yum

It is not the usual Tom Yum (with shrimp, galangal, and lemongrass) that tourists know when ordering a bowl of soup, but it is as delicious as the Tom Yum. 

Kuay Tiew Mu Tom Yum is a noodle soup (you can choose from these kinds of noodles: rice noodles, egg noodles, flat noodles, and vermicelli) mixed with the ingredients of Tom Yum soup to level up the taste and the spiciness. 

Kua Kling

Get ready for the super hot flavor of this dish from the Southern part of Thailand. It comprises slices of kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and mint leaves that will generate an aromatic scent, including various kinds of spices to make your palate dance in exhilaration. 

Make sure to have a sugary drink beside you to reduce the spicy flavor if you feel the dish’s burning sensation.

One of the best ways to try new Spicy Thai food is on a Thai food tour, and I must tell you it’s a great way to try them out for yourself. 

Thanks a lot again for reading this article about 3 Tips on How to Eat Spicy Thai Food, and we hope you gained something.

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