5 Things You're Doing Wrong When Eating Thai Food

Thai dishes are flavorful and tasty, making your taste buds dance with joy in every dish you order from a restaurant’s menu when Eating Thai Food. The combination of the five different flavors (sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and salty) in one helping is superb; hence, making many people around the globe love the Land of Smiles. However, you have to make sure to know the dos and don’ts before indulging yourself in Eating Thai Food to eat like a local Thai.

Gobbling in “Appetisers”

In the west, a meal consists of three courses (or more) mainly; appetizer, main course, and dessert. However, in Thailand (and some other parts of Asia), food is served and devoured after cooking. And since appetizers are easy to prepare, they are usually the first ones to be served. When you are famished and want to fill your hungry stomach, there’s a possibility of overindulging in the appetizers. Avoid gobbling when Eating Thai Food; leave a space for the main course, so you would still enjoy your meal.

Ordering the Same Dishes Repeatedly

Often we tend to order the same food when eating out because the taste is perfect to our palate. Another reason is that we are not familiar with the other dishes and we think it’s just a waste to order something new and be disappointed by the flavor.  Do you agree? Nonetheless, when dining at a Thai restaurant and Eating Thai Food, don’t be scared to try new dishes. Thai cuisine is very delicious, so stop worrying when you want to try Eating other Thai Food. Ask the server’s recommendation on their specialty.  Who knows, you might order a tastier dish than the popular foods like Pad Thai, Larb, or Som Tam.

Family Style Meal

The saying, “Sharing is caring,” applies to Thais when they eat out. The locals like having their meals in a family-style when dining with their friends or colleagues. So when you happen to eat with Thais, don’t take a solo order. Eating Thai Food in the family-style means people who dine together treat each other as family.  

When your food arrives, and it’s time to eat, take a small amount (at least two spoonfuls of food) of every dish and put them on your plate. Even though you’re hungry and the food looks delicious, remind yourself not to get a lot from one helping so that everybody would have the chance to taste each serving you ordered. Don’t worry because you can have your refill later on.  

Suppose you will dine solo at a Thai restaurant; you’ll be asked to share a table with a stranger, especially if there’s a vacant seat opposite your table. There’s nothing to worry about sharing a table when Eating Thai Food because you are not obliged to start/make a conversation with the person sharing the table with you. 

Table Manners When Eating

Always remember when Eating Thai Food to taste everything on the table. If, by chance, a dish is out of your diet list, or you don’t like it, politely inform your companions the reason why you can’t eat the food. It is better to decline the food respectfully rather than leaving the dish untouched.

When other dishes accompany a bowl of soup, make sure not to consume the soup by drinking directly from the bowl.  Slurping is a big No-no in Thai table etiquette.

Using Cutlery

Westerners eat their food with a fork and a knife which differs from Thailand and other Asian countries. And in some Asian countries, citizens used spoons, forks, and chopsticks. Therefore, giving a misconception to foreigners that in Asia used the three kinds of cutlery in eating. 

However, when Eating Thai Food, Thais use a spoon and a fork for most dishes. They use the spoon to scoop the food, while the fork is used to push the food to the spoon. 

Chopsticks are not utilized unless for noodle dishes.  

What’s more, when the locals use their hands in Eating Thai Food, they use their right hand because the left hand is considered “dirty” in Asian culture. Always use a serving spoon when taking your share from the other dishes. It’s rude to use the spoon you put inside your mouth to get a portion of a serving.

Keep in mind the usage of utensils to know what to use if you eat at a Thai restaurant.

Now that you are armed with various table manners when Eating Thai Food, put them in mind; if you eat out mainly with some Thai friends, you won’t be left out and enjoy your food. 

Thank you for reading this article about  5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Eating Thai Food. Have a good time!

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