6 Guaranteed Ways to Enjoy Thai Food If You Have a Milk Allergy

6 Guaranteed Ways to Enjoy Thai Food If You Have a Milk Allergy

Thai food is known for its bold flavors, and many people with milk allergies are worried that they will not enjoy it. However, this is not the case! There are actually some guaranteed ways to enjoy Thai food if you have a milk allergy. For example, coconut milk can be used in place of cow’s milk when cooking dishes like curry or noodles. If you’re still unsure about ordering Thai food because of your dairy allergy, then these tips should help to ease your mind!

#1: Ask Your Server For the Ingredients of Your Order

When ordering from the menu, make sure that there’s no dairy included as an ingredient. Many dishes don’t include animal byproducts in Thailand, so there’s no need to worry about enjoying your food even if you have a dairy allergy.

#2: Check with the Restaurant Before Ordering to See If They Have a Dairy-free Menu. 

If your dish contains dairy or eggs (chicken curry), ask the chef to prepare it without those ingredients to still use their traditional cooking methods while removing what you are allergic to and savor each bite of your meal. 


Furthermore, the restaurant’s chef can use coconut milk instead of cow’s milk when cooking dishes like curry or noodles if you have a milk allergy. 

#3: Vegetables and Tofu Are Free from Dairies 

Dairy-free options include vegetables like tofu and mushrooms, which can be present in most Thai curries.

You can also try a vegetarian option such as Pad Thai made with tofu instead of chicken or shrimp or a sauteed dish with tofu or vegetables

#4: Inform the Server of Your Milk Allergy

Ensure you let them know about your milk allergy before making any orders, as this could help prevent an accident in the kitchen.

#5: Request a No Soy Sauce Serving

Don’t be afraid to ask for no soy sauce on anything you order either; many Thai restaurants will accommodate requests like these! Instead, ask for peanut sauce instead of soy sauce on your dish. 

#6: Don’t Hesitate to Ask If They Wash the Utensils Properly

Make sure all utensils and plates used to handle your dish are washed thoroughly between uses! It’s best not to take chances when it comes to dairy allergies like yours.

Thai Dishes That Are  Dairy-Free

Thai cuisine is delicious; that’s why many people worldwide hope to try Thai dishes whenever they have a chance. Since Thai food is well-known globally, you can find many Thai restaurants in every state in the U.S.  However, individuals with dairy allergies are worried that their situation hinders them from devouring Thai cuisine.

Suppose you are one of those newbies for Thai dishes who opts to try Thai food (but with a dairy allergy); we will provide some meals that you can still indulge in even if you have a milk allergy. 

  • Pad Thai: Pad Thai is a noodle dish that can be served with chicken or shrimp. It is flavored with fish sauce and sweetened with peanuts. It can be served on its own or alongside crispy tofu, vegetables like carrots and cabbage, and crushed chiles for a bit of spice.
  • Thai Fried Rice: It’s a dish that is inspired by traditional fried rice in Thailand. The difference? Cooks cook rice, carrots, peas, zucchini, egg in oil with green onions and vegetable broth. It usually doesn’t contain any meat or seafood, but vegetables provide essential nutrients.
  • Bean Thread Noodles: It is a dish made from mung beans which are mixed with water & then kneaded into a dough. The dough is then cut into long strips, deep-fried in oil, and soaked in hot water.
  • Thai Curries: They are a staple dish in the country. The most popular curry is Panang Curry, which has a creamy coconut milk sauce rich in flavor.
  • Tom Yam: The serving is a spicy and sour Thai soup with many variations and ingredients. This dish includes shrimp or fish and hot Thai chili peppers, usually with lemon, lime, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, and ginger.
  • Som Tam: Som tam, on the other hand, is a spicy and tangy salad that many people love to eat. This dish includes green papaya, tomatoes, carrots, pineapple, long beans, and either shrimp or chicken. They mix the vegetables with a sauce consisting of lime juice, fish sauce, palm sugar, garlic, and chiles creating a flavorful dish that you will not want to miss out on when craving this dish!
  • Stir-Fries: Many of these dishes come with rice, another carbohydrate your body needs to be healthy. They can be eaten plain or dipped in Thai sauces like soy sauce and fish sauce. 

Feel free to contact us if you want to order one of these dairy-free Thai dishes. Thank you!


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