7 Interesting Facts about Food in Thai Culture

When you go on the internet and search for Thailand, there are many interesting facts that you will learn about this country. You will read about how rich Thai Culture is and the unique Thai cuisine. Food is such an essential social activity in Thailand that whenever you meet a Thai person, the first thing they will say to you is “Gin Khao Yung”!  It means that food is a top priority for the Thai people.

If it’s your first time to visit Thailand and interact with the locals, you need to listen to the people around you talking about their food and Thai Culture.

Here are a few interesting facts about Thai Culture for your reference.

Thai Culture: Food Sharing

It is a Thai Culture to share food during mealtime. They order food the family-style instead of individually because they are naturally friendly and amicable, so every time they dine, food sharing is their custom. The good thing about this Thai Culture is everybody gets to taste the different dishes on the table. If it’s your first time to eat with the locals, remember that taking a small portion of each serving on your plate is more polite rather than filling up your platter. 

Food Is Life

“Gin Khao Yung”  is how Thais greet each other, meaning “Have you eaten rice yet?” Since food is vital in Thai Culture, and rice is the main part of their meal, “there’s something wrong” if you didn’t eat anything yet. 

Thailand is a food-oriented country where its citizens eat every time they feel hungry. They don’t eat like a horse during the three big meals of the day because they usually devour food whenever they feel like eating. 

Go Where the Locals Have Their Meals

To experience Thai cuisine’s original taste, don’t just eat your meal at the hotel you are staying in or at any shopping mall you are visiting. It would be nice to go where the locals eat their food because the dishes’ flavor is the genuine Thailand taste. Sometimes food served in the hotel or shopping malls is not precisely the same as the food you can savor on the street or local restaurants. If a local restaurant or a stall is packed, it means the serving there is the best in that area.

Seniority Is Well-observed

Age is respected mostly in Asian countries, including Thai Culture. So the oldest in the group becomes the leader or someone who’s going to decide for the group. For example, if they are at a restaurant, the seniors are the ones ordering the meal. If a local invites you to dine with them in their home, no matter how hungry you are, you need to wait for the senior host to say that you can start eating.

Flavor Blending: Thai Culture

Another Thai Culture is to taste everything that comes on the table, not just the food itself but also the different spices or condiments available.

The good thing about Thai food Culture is balancing the five fundamental flavors in one meal: spicy, sour, sweet, bitter, and salty, making Thai cuisine unique and a favorite to many tourists. It is a part of Thai Culture to slowly eat your meal and enjoy every bite of your food.

Western Popularity

Thailand cuisine has gained popularity in western countries. However, the incredible taste of the authentic Thai dish in Thailand is incomparable to what you eat in the west. The fresh local ingredients used in preparing each dish makes the food unique and beyond compare. So many foreigners are curious about going to the Kingdom and spend their holiday not only for its beautiful tourist destinations but most of all for its exquisite culinary. 


The Land of Smile is in a tropical place, so it is abundant in fruit-bearing trees, and it is mostly the components of different dishes and desserts. Desserts are usually sweet because they are an excellent match for spicy food. A sweet dessert or drink is the best choice when you eat a hot dish, and you can’t tolerate the fiery serving. 

Knowing what to consume, where, and when to get your food will give you a fantastic experience when you visit Thailand because food plays an essential role in Thai Culture.  If it’s your first time to be in the country, it would be best to ask a local to guide you and introduce the different cultures and traditions. But if you are an explorer, it would be wonderful to discover everything on your own as long as you are observant and not afraid of traveling alone.

Once again, thanks a lot for reading 7 Interesting Facts about Food in  Thai Culture. Remembering the Thai Culture from this write-up will make your Thailand experience awesome.

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