9 Mesmerizing Thai Noodles You Should Try

Because of their filling nature and unique flavors, noodles are a perfect meal for any time of the day. Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, afternoon snack, or just something to munch on between meals. And if you want to elevate your experience to the next level, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve listed down nice Thai noodles that will surely captivate your senses and fill your tummy!

Tom Yum with Noodle

 Thai Noodles: Tom Yum with Noodle

Thai Noodles: Tom Yum with Noodle

Imagine one of Thailand’s most popular soup dishes with thin, tasty rice noodles. Yes, that’s right! That’s exactly what this recipe is.

With its strong spices and aromatic flavors brought by lemongrass, lime leaves, and galangal, this Thai noodle dish will definitely mesmerize your senses right from the start. What’s more, is that you enjoy a bowl of Tom Yum with noodles with any of your favorite meat–whether it’s shrimp, pork, chicken, or even tofu!

Pad See Eiw

If you’re looking for a savory Thai noodle dish with a tinge of sweetness, then Pad See Eiw is the one you should try!

Known as popular street food in Thailand, Pad See Eiw is stir-fried flat noodles with egg and lots of veggies such as Chinese broccoli. The dish gets its sweetness from Thai sweet soy sauce which gives also it a lovely caramel color. Similar to Tom Yum, Pad See Eiw can be eaten with any type of meat such as chicken, shrimp, pork, and tofu.

Lard Nar Mee Krob

If you’re looking for some crunch and want a unique noodle experience, Lard Nar Mee Krob is definitely a must-try!

More famously known as Mee Krob, this Thai noodle dish is the perfect combination of fried egg noodles, Thai gravy, and Chinese broccoli. And what most people love about this food is that you get to enjoy the noodles both crunchy and chewy. As you pour the gravy over the noodles, the crunchiness of the noodles fights against the softness while absorbing every bit of the rich Thai flavors.

Long Life Noodle

They say noodles represent long life and this dish would really make you want to live long with its unique Thai-Chinese flavors!

This stir-fried egg noodle dish is known for its rich flavors and ingredients including mushroom, baby corn, celery, carrot, scrambled egg, bean sprout, and many more! And because of its festive look and symbolism, Long Life Noodle is mostly served during birthday celebrations and other special occasions.

 Thai Noodles: Pad Wun Sen

Thai Noodles: Pad Wun Sen

Thai Noodles: Pad Wun Sen

Want something light yet packed with a lot of Thai flavors? Then you should definitely try Pad Wun Sen!

This Thai noodle dish is made of glass rice noodles stir-fried with a variety of flavorful veggies such as baby bok choy, peapod, baby corn, carrots, celery, and mushroom. And while it’s usually cooked and served with strands of chicken, you can enjoy this dish with any meat you prefer including seafood and tofu!

Bamee BBQ Pork Noodle

Another filling and delicious Thai noodle dish on our list is Bamee BBQ Pork Noodle.

With its unique Thai-Chinese combination, you can enjoy this noodle dish with sweet soy sauce, baby bok choy, egg omelet, fried garlic bits, and barbecued pork! What makes it so special is the flavorful Thai sauce which is perfect with the tender slices of meat!

Drunken Noodle

I know what you’re thinking, Thai noodle dish cooked with alcohol? Well, not really.

Despite its name, Thai Drunken Noodle doesn’t come with rice noodles cooked in alcohol. It’s only called “drunken” because of dozens of theory including the belief that this dish help drinkers get rid of their hangover.

Nonetheless, what makes this Thai noodle dish so unique and flavorful is its use of Thai basil leaves and strong spices such as bell pepper and jalapeño.

Boat Noodle

Thai Noodles

Thai Noodles: Boat Noodle

Another Thai noodle dish known for its strong, captivating flavors is the Boat noodle. Apart from its bold use of spices, what makes this dish unique is the flavor it gets from dark soy sauce and fermented bean curd.

Served with beef and pork, boat noodle is a Thai street food favorite! And you can enjoy this Thai noodle dish with some lime and Thai chili on the side.

Pad Thai

No list about Thai noodles can be complete without this all-time Thai favorite, Pad Thai!

Known for the unique flavor of its sauce, Thai Pad Thai noodles are definitely one of the most popular Thai dishes. The sauce is made from tamarind pulp which gives it a hint of sourness and saltiness while also balancing out the sweetness! And while you can choose to add shrimp and tofu, Thai people love to eat this dish with tofu and salted radish for its unique texture and flavor.

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