Many people love Thai food, but many are also picky eaters. There is nothing wrong with being a picky eater, and there is no shame in it either, but if you’re looking for that food that will be appealing to your tastes, I’ll share some tips on finding Thai restaurants that have options; for even the most finicky of eaters!

Thai food is delicious, and many Thai restaurants serve authentic Thai food for picky eaters. If you’re looking to order Thai food but don’t know what dish to choose, this guide for  Thai food for picky eaters will be perfect for you! 

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter for recommendations!

The best way to go about ordering Thai food if you’re a picky eater is by asking the person cooking your dish. The people that work in Thai restaurants are well-versed with Thai cuisine, and they know what would work well for finicky eaters.

Some Thai restaurants have wait staff that helps a customer order Thai food for picky eaters!

Tip #02: Look at the menu before ordering anything, so you know what your options are! 

If there is nothing on the Thai restaurant’s menu that appeals to your taste, then it might be time to look for that food elsewhere! Thai restaurants with wait staff will generally have a menu that includes more options of Thai food for picky eaters than Thai take-out places.

The next thing you should do is choose what type of dish you would like: Thai curry, stir-fries, noodle soups, etc., and then ask the waiter or waitress for any Thai soups that are light and not too spicy for you.

Tip #03: Thai Soup is a good option  

There’s nothing wrong with ordering something like Thai soup as your main dish; it’s actually quite common in many Thailand cultures! If you want to go this route, you can pair the soup dishes with noodles or rice.

Suppose you’re a picky eater who likes Thai food but doesn’t like spicy food too much; ordering Thai noodle soups is an excellent option! They come in many different varieties, and most of them don’t have any spice to them at all. Furthermore, soups are great Thai food for picky eaters

Tip #04: Thai curries are a Must-try Thai Food for Picky Eaters  

Thai curry dishes are mild and flavorful, making them a perfect choice for picky eaters. If you’re looking to try something other than Thai soup, Thai curries are a great way to go! They come in many different variations like:

  • Red curry with fish
  • Green curry with chicken
  • Thai yellow chicken curry with vegetables
  • Massaman beef curry

Tip #05: Stir-fried Dishes are Delicious!  

Stir-fry dishes are an easy option for Thai food for picky eaters because they usually come without any sauce or gravy, so you can choose what sauces and gravies your dish comes with. Thai stir-fries come in many different flavorful sauces, which usually include options for proteins. Hence, making it easier for picky eaters to customize their meals.

Stir-fried dishes might not be as creamy or flavorful as other Thai entrées, but they’re still delicious and can make for an inexpensive Thai dish.

Tip #06: Thai Food for Picky Eaters: Thai entrées are a good choice with food restrictions!  

If you’re looking for Thai food that will be gluten-free, Thai entrées like green curry or stir-fries might work well for you. They typically don’t have too heavy sauces, and Thai entrees usually come with an assortment of protein options.

Thai green curry or rice noodles might be a good option for Thai food for picky eaters who don’t like eggs in their meal! They would also work well if you need to avoid sugar since Thai dishes don’t use thickeners and sauces. Moreover, red curry and rice noodles are excellent choices for vegetarian-friendly dishes.

Tip #07: Have a bite of Thai desserts

Indulge yourself in Thai desserts if you’ve been eating Thai cuisine all day long, but your stomach is still growling. Plus, Thai desserts like Thai rice pudding or Thai mango sticky rice are sweet and light without any sauce in it, so your tummy would be delighted to have these desserts after your meal. 

Thai food is constantly evolving, so there’s a high chance that you’ll find something at your local Thai restaurant for Thai food for picky eaters! It’s nice to discover the various Thai dishes that will suit your taste buds. What are you waiting for? Call your friends and dine at a Thai restaurant near your place!

We appreciate your time to read this article about A Guide for Thai Food for Picky Eaters (7 Tips To Remember). If you’re one of the picky eaters, try some of the Thai dishes mentioned above. Who knows, you might end up liking them. Enjoy!

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