Essential Thai Food Guide You Should Know

Essential Thai Food Guide You Should Know

Are you a newbie to Thai Cuisine and plan to travel to the Land of Smiles? This short Thai Food Guide to Thai cuisine is what you need to know if you plan to dine with locals during your visit to Thailand. Continue browsing and understanding this essay about the Thai Food Guide, and you will see what you need for the essential Thai ingredients if you wish to prepare some delicious Thai food that tastes like you’re a native of Thailand.

Consider this Thai Food Guide a list of the most fundamental elements you need to prepare for cooking some Thai recipes. If you are ordering Thai food for the first time, please make sure to understand the Thai Food Guide before searching for the delicious  Thai food menu during your visit or stay in Thailand. 

What Is Thai Cuisine?

Thai Cuisine is the native way of cooking in Thailand. When you are eating Thai food for the first time, don’t forget to add different spices and sauces. This will make your dish tastier. 

Food in Thailand focuses on the aroma, unique, and savory taste. But most of all, the health benefits you can get while devouring every single dish.

Customarily, Thai Cuisine has four classifications: yam or spicy salad, gaeng or curries, tom or boiled dishes, and tam or pounded foods. There are also other types of food, such as stir-fries, steamed dishes, and deep-fries, from Chinese cooking.

Thai Cuisine Historical Background

If you are curious about the historical influences of Thailand’s culinary, this Thai Food Guide will introduce you to the roots of their cuisine. 

One influencer of Thais cuisine is the Indians. According to Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (a Thai monk), Thais’ spices used mainly for each of the dishes they make are Indian inspirations. The preparation of herbal medicines is also from India. 

Many famous Thai dishes also come from Chinese cuisine and are introduced by Hokkien people in the 15th century and  Teochew people in the late-18th century. Some of these dishes are Khao Kha Mu (stewed pork with rice), Salapao (steamed buns), Chok (rice porridge), and Kuaitiao Rat Na (fried rice noodles).

Western influencers started in 1511. From using coconut milk instead of cow’s milk from Portuguese. Up to the consumption of chili peppers from Americans in the 16th-17th century. 

Iconic Thai Food You Must Try

The list of traditional Thai dishes in Thailand is probably long, but the following dishes in this Thai Food Guide are incredibly delicious and worth trying. If you are looking to learn how to prepare Thai food, I recommend you attend cooking classes from Thailand. They will teach you the basics of Thai cuisine and some incredible dishes and how to prepare them. 

Let’s take a look at some of the sought-after dishes in Thailand with the help of this Thai Food Guide

Thai Food Guide: Mango Sticky Rice (Khaoniao Mamuang)

This delicious dessert is one of Thais’ favorites. If you have an abundant supply of sweet mangos, you can try to make this mouth-watering snack. You just need to add sticky rice and coconut milk to complete the flavor.

Moo/Mu Ping

Another iconic food you must try is Moo/Mu Ping or pork barbecue. Each country has its style of marinating skewers before grilling them. As for Thai style barbecue, the marinade ingredients are one of a kind to showcase Thai flavor. The barbecue comes with peanut sauce and pickled vegetables.

Boat Noodles (Kuaitiao Ruea)

Kuaitiao Ruea (pronounced [kǔa̯j.tǐa̯w rɯ̄a̯]) contains beef and pork, pickled bean curd, soy sauce, radish.-, cinnamon, garlic, fried garlic, bean sprout, and other spices. It is commonly in a small bowl with pork crackling and basil. The soup also comprises cow or pig blood, which makes it thicker and darker. 

Thai Food Guide: Moo Grob

Moo Grob is a crunchy double deep-fried pork belly. This Thailand version of The Philippines’ “Lechon Kawali” is also worth trying with a Thai twist. It is the primary dish you need to try first before trying other recipes such as Pad Kana Moo Grob, Pad Kaphrao Moo Grob, or Pad Phrik Pao Moo Grob.

Oyster and Mussel Omelet

Who doesn’t love seafood? But is this dish odd for you? Well, this kind of omelet is becoming famous around Bangkok. Fried eggs topped with mussel and paired with sauce makes this dish savory. It also lets you enjoy your meal at any time of the day.

After reading this Thai Food Guide write-up, go ahead and practice preparing some Thai dishes at home from scratch or you can go restaurant hopping with your loved ones and savor each Thai dish they will serve you. 

Once again, thank you for reading this article about Essential Thai Food Guide You Should Know. I hope that it provides helpful tips on the Thai Food Guide you are looking for.

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