Thai desserts reflect Thai cuisine in a way that certain ingredients are used like rice, coconut, and fruits. Thai desserts are known as Khanom in Thai or sweet snacks. Thais believe that eating Khanom is a great way to end a meal and smoothen the palate after eating spicy Thai dishes.


Let’s indulge in the delightful and popular Thai desserts.


#1 –  Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is a very particular staple of Thai cuisine. It is grown mainly in Southeast Asia from a specific variety of rice that once cooked, sticks!


Making sticky rice is not easy and it is very time consuming. There is an art to making the rice sticky enough so the grains stay together. And not too sticky so when eating with your hands it doesn’t stick to you! Tricky isn’t it?


#2 – Thai Sticky Rice Cake (Kao Tom Mud)

This delicious Thai dessert is made of sticky rice with coconut milk and a filling inside.


There is a saying that Kao Tom Mud symbolizes a couple’s life since they usually pair two, tied together with a bamboo strip.


It is usually served with black beans, tamarind, and banana. You can also find it with taro sometimes. Wrapped in a banana leaf, it is deliciously sweet and slightly chewy. You can easily eat it in just two or three bites!


#3 – Filled Coconut Cream (Khanom Sod Sai)

These small triangular banana leaf wrappings will grab your attention as you choose in the Thai desserts menu. You’ll be surprised to know what is inside this dessert – it’s coconut.


The inside is filled with a creamy filling and a brown colored center with tamarind flavor.


The consistency of this Thailand dessert is similar to jelly on the outside while the tamarind filling is slightly chewier. Easy to eat as a snack, it is not too sweet and the tamarind flavor balances out the coconut.


#4 – Thai Ice Cream (I-Tim)

Ice cream in Thailand is a popular treat to cool off from the heat and humidity.


Thai ice cream also called I-tim in Thai, it is typically made without the use of dairy products. The flavors are quite unique and include durian, jackfruit, taro root and even corn.


The two most popular types of ice cream are coconut ice cream and Thai popsicles.


#5 – Thai Crispy Pancakes (Khanom Buang)

These crispy pancakes will grab your attention when you see them for the first time. They are a traditional Thai sweet street food that are meticulously prepared.


The base or the crispy pancake is made of rice flour and mung bean flour. Coconut cream is topped on the small pancakes before fillings are placed on it. You will find two types of toppings, sweet and savory.


The sweet fillings has shredded coconut and golden threads (egg yolk strips). The salty filling contains shredded coconut, chopped spring onions and shredded shrimp.


#6 – Thai Roti (Thailand Dessert with Indian Influence)

Thai roti is the Thai version of the roti, an Indian flatbread made of wholemeal flour traditionally served savory. The Indian roti has been adapted in many Southeast Asian countries. In Thailand, the roti is said to have originated from the Southern part of the country.  The Muslim community adapted the Malaysian roti to Thai tastes and preferences.


#7 – Thai Sweet Rolled Sesame Pancakes (Tuang Muan Sot)

These tiny rolled up pancakes will make you salivate!


You will be struck by the bright colors and unusual flavors of Tuang Muan Sot. Typical flavors tend to be young coconut, taro, pandan or corn. We could not taste the individual flavors, except for the coconut flavor. Don’t miss out on these soft pancakes with crunchy sesame seeds!


#8 – Juices & Shakes (Refreshing Liquid Thai Desserts)

As one of the hottest countries in the world, Thailand is also popular for its juices and shakes.


If you prefer to drink your dessert, you will find a wonderful variety of juices and shakes to choose from. Many of the Thai dessert juices are freshly squeezed. The shakes also contain fresh juice, but be sure to ask for “no added sugar” or “very little sugar.”


#9- Roti Sai Mai (Unusual Candy Floss Crepes Thai Dessert)

Roti Sai Mai are typically associated with the ancient kingdom of Ayutthaya. They are small thin, colorful pan-fried pancakes flavored with pandan, strawberry, or banana flavors. You stuff each roti or crepe with Thai-style candy floss or cotton candy which comes in a variety of colors. Served warm, the candy floss melt in your mouth.


You will definitely have a lot of fun making these candy floss crepes. The colors are playful and the taste is sweet!


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