Top Thai Grilling Recipes in 2021

Thai Grilling Recipes that will change your mind after tasting them if you are not into grilled food. Thailand’s cuisine is prepared and cooked in many ways; however, each dish’s aromatic and flavorful taste is exquisite and makes you remember Thai dishes when you crave Asian food. 

Have you tried Thai Grilling Recipes? Not yet? Prepare to salivate as we talk about the different top Thai Grilling Recipes. 

Thai Grilled Steak (Neua Yang)

Are you a steak lover? If so, don’t miss out on this ultimate Thai Grilling Recipe, marinaded for 3 hours before grilling it to make sure that the meat absorbs the flavors from the marinade and makes the dish incredibly delicious. Neua Yang is among the Thai Grilling Recipes you will love to have again, and look into the menu whenever you opt for a grilled dish.

Thai Grilled Pork Salad (Moo Nam Tok)

Make your salad more exciting, and order Thai Grilled Pork Salad or Moo Nam Tok. The fiery and tangy flavor of the dish will satisfy your hungry tummy. In Eastern Thailand, the locals eat the dish with sticky rice. On the other hand, you can pair the salad with lettuce leaves or anything you have in mind to go with the food. 

Thai Grilled Garlic and Herb Shrimp

Do you want something more exotic? Have a try on this grilled Garlic and Herb Shrimp – a Thai Grilling Recipe that packs a punch and makes you wish for more after devouring one order. If this is your first time eating grilled shrimp, you would certainly regret it! You’ll regret that you didn’t discover this incredibly tasty dish before. The grilled shrimp have different variations like spicy garlic grilled shrimp, shrimp with penne and squash,  grilled Tequila-lime shrimp, or you can have your own version, as long as the Thai flavor is still present in the dish. If you are not a fan of grilled shrimp, you’ll definitely change your mind after tasting this Thai Grilling Recipe

Crying Tiger Beef or Thai Weeping Tiger Beef

Another Thai Grilling Recipe that will make your palate happy is the Crying Tiger Beef. This spicy grilled beef hits the spot when you desire another beefsteak flavor, mainly if you love adding chilies to your food. And the secret of this salivating Thai Grilling Recipe is the sauce where you dip the meat. After having an order of this dish, your cravings are solved.

There are various stories about Crying Tiger Beef. Some say that the tiger cries because of the spiciness of the sauce. Others say that a tiger teared when the hunter killed its cow. But one thing is for sure; you will weep because of the fiery flavor of the sauce (whether you love chilies or not). 

Grilled Honey Garlic Chicken

Lat’s make your ordinary chicken extraordinary with this Thai Grilling Recipe called Grilled Honey Garlic Chicken. Either baked or grilled, this dish is so delicious and is perfect for eating when you invite your friends home and have a meal together. Pairing the dish with rice (for rice lovers) would complete your meal. However, if you are cutting down your rice, you can eat the food with a salad or other side dishes you desire. 

You can also try Thai grilled lemongrass chicken, Thai barbecue chicken, and other grilled chicken a restaurant offers. 

Grilled Fish Fillets

Fish fillets are usually cooked by frying. On the contrary, fish fillets are also great Thai Grilling Recipes. If you want your fish fillets with a twist, try the grilled fish fillets when you order your lunch at a Thai restaurant. Both grilled and baked fish fillets are amazingly delicious. If the weather is perfect for a picnic, you can make the dish and grill it with your loved ones. Isn’t it nice to be grilling, especially if the weather goes with your plan? 

Grilled Halibut with Lemon-basil Vinaigrette

Another Thai Grilling fish Recipe is grilled halibut, and it is spiced up with lemon-basil vinaigrette. Marinating the fish before grilling it makes the taste more flavorful. You can grill your halibut with or without the skin. However, if you want your halibut crispy, grilling the fish with its skin would be perfect!

Thai Grilling Recipes are soooo good that they make you wish for more and won’t be able to stop until your tummy can’t contain any food anymore! 

If you have the chance to be at a Thai restaurant, include one of these Thai Grilling Recipes on your meal and be sure to savor every bite.

Thanks a lot for reading this article about Top Thai Grilling Recipes in 2021. Try these Thai Grilling Recipes and savor every bit of the dish

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